Winter is Coming – A Successful Guide To Remove The Hidden Spiders

  • Winter is Coming – A Successful Guide To Remove The Hidden Spiders

    Winter is Coming - A Successful Guide To Remove The Hidden Spiders

    The biggest fact about every home is that the more warm and cozy it remains, the more pests get attracted towards it. Having spiders and their webs in winter is the most common problem that every homeowner face. As the cold night draws and the heating gets turned up, spiders make an easy entry to houses. Although, there are a number of pesticides and sprays to kill the spiders but they are not relevant for permanent results. The good idea is to hire a regular pest prevention treatment to prevent the spider infestation.

    Apart from hiring a professional pest control team, you can also perform few DIY methods to limit the spider entry:

    1. Regular Cleaning

      Species such like spiders love to hide inside dark areas and always look for a leftover food. Home cleaning is the most boring method which no one likes to do. But, being a family member, one must adopt a habit to vacuum and dust the corners. This will make the spiders less eager to return.

    2. Cover The Gaps

      Another way to eliminate the spiders is to seal the edges of the windows and gaps in doors. By doing so, it becomes difficult for the spiders to find the entry point. One can also add a fine mesh across the vents to avoid the entrance.

    3. Glue Traps

      Placing Glue boards in dark corners and under the beneath of the furniture is a good way to reduce the spiders. The spiders which are hanging around the ceilings directly get immune to these traps.

    4. Peppermint Oil

      A Peppermint oil is an effective solution to kill the spiders as they can’t tolerate the smell of peppermint. You can try this DIY method to get rid of the spiders in the most effective manner.

    5. Professional Pest Control

      After performing these few DIY methods, if still there is a presence of spiders in your home, then its time to call a professional pest control. They have the ability to treat the spider problem with some effective treatment.

    You must be careful while performing these DIY treatments as the spider bite can also a lot you health risk. In a case of serious spider problem or else all above tricks fail, you can hire our pest control team at Niagara Extermination to handle the situation.

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