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Do you have ants as your neighbor? This is probably the last thing you ever want to experience in your life. While some ant species are known to cause allergic reactions with their painful stings, others are known to carry bacteria and viruses, and there are also the ones that leave damaging impact on a property. Ants come in various shapes and sizes, and in thousands of species with different characteristics and impact. Ant control is a difficult task without an adequate knowledge of ant behavior.


These insects may nest in and around your home and can invade walls and lawns, giving you a tough time in controlling their growing population. They follow each other by leaving behind a chemical trail that acts as a pheromone for others. An ant colony can penetrate even through the smallest openings to enter your house and find their way into your kitchen. Most do-it-yourself techniques often fail as they target these insects rather than their nests.

If you are one of those residents of St. Catharines, Welland or Niagara falls who have struggled with removal of ants, feel free to contact us for an inspection and consultation. We, at Niagara Extermination, practice specialized treatment procedures to remove and prevent ants effectively.

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Questions & Answers

Ants are social insects living in colonies located outside, but they may enter homes for shelter and/or food. They feed on every kind of food but those entering homes are usually looking for sweets. The ants inside homes include pavement ants, little black ants, thief ants, carpenter ants.

Are ants dangerous to humans?

Yes. Since ants look for foods such as fruit, honey and meat they can transport various bacteria and germs from one place to another.

What can be done to prevent an infestation of ants?

Keeping foods in sealed containers and cleaning the spills immediately will prevent ants. Sealing of openings from ants may enter is also a good preventative method.

What can I do to eliminate an infestation of ants?

Depending on the degree of the infestation, a single control method may not be very effective and a complete program may be required.

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Whether you are suffering from a severe Pharaoh Ant infestation, or a simple Black Garden Ant issue, our professionals are experienced in dealing with infestations everywhere from homes, commercial properties to hospital wards. By working closely with you from day one, our team is able to:

  • Locate the source of ant infestations and apply smart pesticides to nests.

  • Apply gel baits around key points of your residence or office for protection

  • Treat difficult infestations such as pavement blocks by using surface applications.

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