Why You Should Not Kill Centipede On Your Own?

  • Why You Should Not Kill Centipede On Your Own?


    House centipedes are known for removing the unwanted pests from your home. They never feed on your furniture like other pest nor deliver any diseases, and they look for bugs like moths, flies roaches and more to kill.

    Centipedes use the lassoing technique to jump on their prey and wrap them up using your legs. Though they are not dangerous to humans, their appearance is enough to make you shout.

    How To Prevent Centipedes Infestation

    Cracks in your home are the place where centipedes are often found. Seal these cracks or other gaps using top quality sealant so that pests could not lay their eggs in the cracks. As the moisture is another thing that attracts the pests, you can prevent centipede by keeping the moisture out.

    For this, use a dehumidifier or install a fan in the bathroom to keep your place moisture-free. Clear out your house of any unwanted debris that causes unwanted moisture.

    Why You Should Avoid DIY Centipede Removal?

    The prominent reason to avoid DIY methods to kill centipede is their ability to move quickly. This is why they are not easy to control by an individual.

    At Niagara Extermination, our team of professional pest exterminators provides effective centipede control and removal services to our residential and commercial clients. We ensure to use environmentally friendly products and safe treatment for unwanted pests. Call us to get a free quote for pest extermination services.

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