Fleas Extermination Services in St Catharines, Welland, Niagara Falls

It doesn't need to be a kennel, pet store or animal clinic to have a flea problem. Fleas can be introduced in a home or an office even with a brief visit of a domesticated dog or cat. When a human gets bitten by a flea, a small red bump develops on the skin. These bites may itch.

Fleas have more than 2,000 species, cat flea being the most common one. It feeds on dogs, cats, and humans. An adult cat flea stays on its host and can have up to twenty blood meals every day.


This flea is a potential carrier of diseases, such as tularemia, plague and dog tapeworm. Unfortunately, treating your pet will not solve the problem of fully eradicating fleas from your home as their eggs can be hatched in carpets, soft furnishings and bedding. Hire Niagara Extermination, and your problem will be taken care of completely.

At Niagara Extermination, we offer fleas extermination services to homes and offices in St. Catharines, Welland & Niagara falls. Our team has knowledge, expertise and experience in solving almost every kind of flea infestation.

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Our Process

Our pest control services in St. Catharines, Welland & Niagara falls delivers the right solutions for What generates the call for help is homeowners complaining about insect bites. We begin with a thorough visual inspection of surfaces susceptible to infestation, such as carpeting, beds, etc. After pest identification, our professionals are able to determine a course of action.

Customer Preparation

  • Prior to the treatment, the homeowner should thoroughly vacuum all the areas where our professionals identified the fleas, with particular attention to the place where an animal rested or where animal bedding is placed. Once completed the vacuum bag should be sealed and immediately discard it in an outside trash.

  • The homeowner should thoroughly wash and dry any pet bedding or discard it in an outside trash if washing is not possible.

  • Remove the debris and/or litter around your home or building as they are common hiding places for fleas.

  • If possible, have a veterinarian treat your pet for fleas. This will prevent the pet(s) from re-introducing the pest into the treated home, as well as will remove the pest for the benefit of the pet's health.

Action Plan

  • For avoiding contamination, the professional makes sure that any animal feeding dishes and other animal related items are discarded from the treatment area.

  • For ensuring the safety of the homeowner and animals, it is recommended to keep out of the treated area(s) until the applied materials are dry.

  • For preventing the future flea infestations, our professionals will offer advice and information and offer follow up visits.

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