Top 3 Reasons For An Ant Infestation

  • Top 3 Reasons For An Ant Infestation

     Ant Infestation

    Though ants are not dangerous, their presence is frustrating. There are several ants species, but not every species is supposed to be nice to you. Some can bite the humans, contaminate your food and damage your property structure.

    So, having ants in your home is always a matter to worry about. To keep them away, you must know what attracts them and how they access your home. Below are the major three things that attract the ants into your house.

    • Food
      There is no secret that leftover food can bring ants. The sweet food, pet food and crumbs are a few types of food that invite ants. Thus, your kitchen is the first place where pests attack most. So, don’t leave the dirty dishes overnight, maintain cleanliness and keep the trashcans covered with a lid as well as dispose of the dustbins far away of your home.
    • Moist, Decaying Wood
      The carpenter ants are common that create colonies in the moist, decaying wood. It means your home wood structure is likely to get ants infestation. Such type of ants don’t eat wood, but they merely carve through it to make spaces for their nests.
    • Cracks & Gaps In Walls
      If your home walls have cracks and gaps, there are chances that ants can enter through them. Ants prefer to live in moisture places so that they can nest in the crevices. If your home has the tiny spaces in the garden area, make sure to seal them as soon as possible.

    Ants often build their colonies beneath the plants. If you have a garden area, you should also pay attention to prevent plants from pest attack. Ants can be a risk to your residential or commercial site, and Niagara Extermination has effective treatment to remove the ants and destroy their nests. If your home is ants infested, call us today to get pest extermination services at reasonable cost.

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