Moth: Infestation, Prevention & Treatment

  • Moth: Infestation, Prevention & Treatment

    Moth Infestation

    The moths are the destructive pest that fly and enter your home through doors and windows. There are four species of moth that are commonly found in your home and cause several damages. All these have distinct preferences for their material to damage. For example:

    • Common clothes moth larvae create irregular holes in your natural fabrics.
    • Case-bearing clothe moth larvae develop smaller, but more regular shaped holes in your fabric.
    • Brown house moth larvae prefer feather and leather to damage.
    • White-shouldered house moth larvae attack food items, so they are less effective to textiles.

    Signs Of Moth Infestation

    Infested food items and damaged clothing are the visible sign of moth infestation. Moths closed in your attics and closets produce larvae which later cause damages to your clothes.

    Prevention Of Moth Infestation

    Carefully inspect the clothes, and food products, this is the only solution to prevent moth infestation. It will be better to dry clean the wool items and store your food products in the glass containers.

    Safe Removal

    When it comes to removing the moth from your home, people mostly opt for pesticides. But, it could be harmful to humans and pets. It is advisable to hire the professional pest exterminators to get rid of moth infestation.

    The moment you notice moth around you, call us at Niagara Extermination. Our team of licensed and insured pest control experts offer quick and effective pest removal and control services to our residential and commercial clients. Call us for a free quote.

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