Why Should You Leave the Fire Ants to the Pros?

  • Why Should You Leave the Fire Ants to the Pros?

     Fire Ants to the Pros?

    Fire ants can create a lot of nuisance and a fire ant sting can be extremely painful. Before you will realize that your home has been invaded by fire ants, they would have created several colonies. You might try some home remedies to prevent them from your place, but such treatments are temporary and don’t give lasting results.

    Fire ant removal is a task that should be done by the professionals. Here are the 4 important reasons.

    1. Fire Ants Form Big Colonies – In a colony there are around 50,000 worker ants and the queen ant produces 200 eggs per hour. So, it is far too much than you think. Your home treatments will just kill the ants that are visible. But, what about the eggs and other ants. They will soon form a colony. Fire ant infestation requires effective and durable treatment that can not only kill the ants, but also keep them away from your property.
    2. Do-It-Yourself Treatments are Ineffective – There are so many DIY methods to prevent fire ants from your place. For example, pouring hot water on the colonies. This trick will kill only a few ants and rest will be able to create another colony in your yard. On the contrary, the professionals have tried and tested methods that can eliminate these pests efficiently.
    3. Successful Removal Requires Two Steps – Fire ant elimination in not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a process that requires planning. You might success in spreading fire ant bait in the yard, but remember if you miss any ant nests, your treatment will not get you the desired results. You will soon see the fire ants roaming in and around your property. Professionals are well-versed with the behavior of the ants and know how to deal with them.
    4. Fire Ant Bites Are Painful – Yes, fire ant bites are extremely painful and can also cause allergy or rashes. They have a venomous sting that burns and can also lead to skin infection. Moreover, fire ants are aggressive in nature and can sting quickly if disturbed. They can sting multiple times and their bites can hurt up to a week. That’s why, fire ant removal can be dangerous and should be left up to the professionals.

    At Niagara Pest Extermination, our professionals are equipped to eradicate these pests from your home once and all. Call us today to know more about our ant removal services in Niagara.

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