Got Bed Bugs in the House? Don’t Believe These Myths Related to Them

  • Got Bed Bugs in the House? Don’t Believe These Myths Related to Them

    Don't Believe These Myths Related to Bed Bug

    When it comes to bed bugs, there are a lot of misconceptions around them. Be it on the internet or in the verbal world, there is no one opinion about bed bugs. This leads to a lot of confusion amongst the owners whose house is infested by bed bugs. The problem arises when this confusion leads to confused decision making regarding the removal of bed bugs.

    If the decision is built upon a myth, then you can well imagine the results and consequences of the procedure to be followed for the same. Therefore, we make sure you get rid of every myth related to bed bugs and start an effective treatment to get rid off them!

    Bed Bugs Myth & Facts

    Myth-Bed bugs are found in beds only.

    Fact- Just because they have the word ‘bed’ in their name, doesn’t mean they can’t be present anywhere else. Furniture, carpet, behind pictures and molding, chairs and couches are some other areas where they are commonly found.

    Myth- They are only found in unhygienic places.

    Fact-Bed bugs are not a part of mosquito family who love to reside in unhygienic places only. They love to infest any area of the world and this is the reason they can be found in some of the best hotels across the world. So, area is not a concern for them.

    Myth- They are nocturnal in nature.

    Fact- It is true that bed bugs are best active at night only but they are very well active in the day too. So, if you have got bed bugs in your house, you can’t even have a sound sleep during the day thinking you will not be attacked by the bed bugs!

    Myth- I can’t see bed bugs.

    Fact- One can very well see bed bugs as they are not microscopic in nature. If we talk about their size, an adult bed bug is about 4-5 mm long- just like the size of an apple seed. These sizes are pretty much visible to the naked eye.

    Myth- Pesticides can kill bed bugs completely.

    Fact- There is no doubt that pesticides are a great way of getting rid of the bed bugs but it provides only temporary solutions. The best way to remove bed bugs permanently from your home is by using heat treatment.

    Myth- You can kill bed bugs by starving them.

    Fact- Really? When was the last time you feeded them? For your knowledge, bed bugs are very much capable of living for more than 70 days without food. Thinking they won’t get food till 70 days is like hoping that they would walk out of your home after getting bored!

    Need Professional Advice?

    If you are having any doubts regarding the infestation or its removal, feel free to talk to Niagara Extermination. We will help you in getting rid of the bed bugs permanently through heat treatment. Contact us to know more about ore services or to book an appointment.

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