Expert Tips To Get Rid Of Hornets & Wasps

  • Expert Tips To Get Rid Of Hornets & Wasps


    Hornets are larger and less aggressive than common wasps. They bite humans for self-defense or when disturbed while creating their nest. Wasps, hornets and bees are often confused, but the Hornets are more giant up to an inch or half as compared to the wasps.

    The Hornets are dangerous due to their painful sting that results in swelling and itchiness. So, you have to keep them away.

    Tips To Remove Hornets

    • Grow the plants that hornets don’t like at all such as citronella, eucalyptus, mint and wormwood.
    • If your garden has the fruit trees, its fruits often fall, and the juice spread all around. All this can attract certain pests, insects, including hornets and wasps. Pay attention to keep clean the surrounding area of the tree.
    • To trap the hornet, you can create a fake nest with a brown paper bag and hang it on the tree to catch the wasps, but be careful as it could be dangerous.
    • Seal the cracks in your home from where the Hornets are expected to come and live in your home.
    • Maintain a clean atmosphere and keep the food covered as uncovered food attracts the Hornets. In addition to this, sweet perfumes and bright clothes are the key attraction for insects.
    • If you are trying to use pesticides or insecticides, then be careful as this can affect your skin.

    Get ready to follow these tips or if you need experts to remove and control hornets, then contact us at Niagara Extermination. Our team of specialists is experienced in providing the safe removal of hornet without delivering any harm to families. Call us for a free quote.

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