6 Signs That Your Home Has Rodent Infestation

  • 6 Signs That Your Home Has Rodent Infestation

    6 Signs That Your Home Has Rodent Infestation

    Recognizing the rodent infestation in your home is a daunting task. The small size pests are difficult to trap but necessary to remove as they can deliver health issues to humans. If you have rodent living in your attics, you need to approach an inspection. Once, you are sure about which pest is invading your home, you will be able to use the right technique to bait and remove them. There are many signs of rodent activity if your home. Some signs are as given below:

    1. Dropping
      Mostly the rodents visit your kitchen to get the food. Their dropping will be available in the kitchen drawers, countertops or cabinets. Droppings of the mouse are smooth with pointed ends and up to 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch long while rat droppings are pellet-shaped and blunt from both sides. They fade to gray and white.
    2. Gnawing
      Rodents almost gnaw anything around them. They make holes in the walls or ceilings, behind or under cupboards, counters, shower stalls and bathtubs, water heater or furnaces, etc.
    3. Urine Stains
      The urine stains of rodents can easily be noticed under a black light. Their urine makes a musky odor.
    4. Sound
      If you are not able to see them when they are hidden, you can hear the sound as they are moving in the dark. Even if they chew anything, they make some strange noise.
    5. Nests
      The mouse makes their nest in utility closets, garages, attics and basements. Mostly, these are made of shredded paper and clothes.
    6. Tracks
      You can notice the rodents tracks in the dust, dirt or mud. The rodents tail also leave a mark when they passed through the dusty surfaces. To inspect the rodent tracks, create a dirty floor using the talcum powder or chalk dust. Later, shine a flashlight across the area, and the small track in the powder will be visible.

    On noticing the signs as mentioned above in your home, you can immediately call Niagara Extermination. We have a team of licensed exterminators serving the residential and commercial clients. We can handle rodents providing the most effective solution.

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