4 Ways To Keep Cockroaches Away From Your Property

  • 4 Ways To Keep Cockroaches Away From Your Property

    4 Ways To Keep Cockroaches Away From Your Property

    One of the pesky and extremely harmful pest that can degrade the health of a family is cockroach. It is often seen moving in drains and kitchen sinks. These brown colored tiny insects are carrier of severe diseases that can deteriorate the hygiene of a family.

    Cockroaches usually thrive and live in damp and dirty places. To eliminate them from a property, one may need to call expert pest exterminators. Sanitation is the biggest issue when it comes to roach infestation. They can be blamed for risking the sanitation of a home. If you are not able to maintain cleanliness, you’ll attract these pests again and again to invade your property.

    Few tips to prevent cockroach infestation are:

    1. Keep floors clean: Insects can crawl over any area or place inside the kitchen to grab a food source. Its advised to clean the shelves and counter-tops every time after preparing a meal. Any left over food should be thrown in a bin with a covered lid. Ask your kids not to throw food bits here and there as it will attract roaches.
    2. Wash the dishes: Make it a habit to wash the dishes and utensils as soon as your meal is over. Leaving them dirty overnight is an open invitation to cockroach party. In case, you are tired or don’t have time to wash them up, rinse and leave them soaked it soapy water. After washing them over, flush the sink with white vinegar rinse to maintain cleanliness.
    3. Store the food properly: Any food sources should not be left in open. To prevent diseases, store them in a refrigerator or air tight container. Keep your pet’s food safe and place it at a height so that roaches can’t feed upon them. Keep the shelves tidy and use lids to cover the non storable food.
    4. Take out the trash: Never leave the garbage lying around in the open. Make use of garbage bins and cover them with a lid after every use. Having a garbage bin in your kitchen is not recommended. Dispose of the left over food items or waste materials before the night to prevent a roach night party. Its advised to clean and vacuum the floors on regular basis to prevent odors and clear away the food particles collected in corners.

    These are the few ways to prevent cockroach infestation in your property. If you are tired of back to back roach invasions, call in our pest exterminators at Niagara Pest Extermination for effective roach removal service.

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