4 Effective Natural Remedies to Prevent Ants

  • 4 Effective Natural Remedies to Prevent Ants

     Effective Natural Remedies to Prevent Ants
    Ants are tiny pests that can degrade the hygiene of a premise by causing clutter and toxicity. They often live in soil and wall holes, but can survive everywhere. These insects feed on sugary foods, whole grains and sweet drinks. They are generally found in the kitchen, trash bins and yards. Since ants cause uncleanliness, its ideal to take swift action against them whenever you notice them in your property. Before calling professionals for ant removal, it’s better to try some natural remedies that are effective in humane pest extermination.

    Few natural methods to get rid of ants are:

    1. Cayenne pepper

      Pepper is a household spice that is highly hated by ants. Cayenne pepper is considered most effective in deterring away these insects. Sprinkle a little amount of pepper on the infestation place of ants. This will act as a security wall and the tiny pests won’t be able to come out of their hole. One can also make a mixture of pepper and water and spray it over the crawling ants to deter them away.

    2. Lemon water

      Another humane and effective method to drive ants away from a property is lemon water. The strong hues of lemon, along with sour taste can highly help in reducing the ant population. Just mix a few droplets of lemon juice with water and spray it over the pest infected area.

    3. Vinegar

      Vinegar is commonly found, though rarely used food ingredient that plays an effective role in removing ants. Its strong smell can compel these tiny pests to leave their place. Add some vinegar in water and spray the resultant mixture over the moving ants. The fragrance of vinegar will repel these pests and their population can be easily controlled.

    4. Detergents

      Since washing liquids and detergents consist of harsh chemicals, they can be used for removing ants. Mixture of detergent and water is a humane method that actually ruin the ant’s metabolism, instead of deterring them. The chemicals found in soap can breakdown the protective layers on pest body that disturb their digestive system and results in dehydration.

    These are some natural and effective ways to prevent ant habitat in your property. If you are experiencing constant ant invasion in your home, call in professional pest exterminators in Niagara for solution.

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