3 Plants To Grow In Your Yard To Keep Bees & Wasps Away

  • 3 Plants To Grow In Your Yard To Keep Bees & Wasps Away

    3 Plants To Grow In Your Yard To Keep Bees & Wasps Away

    Who like bees and wasps buzzing around you? Most possibly, no one. People are generally afraid of these pests as they are believed to bite humans. Though bees are crucial for our ecosystem, they are still among the disliked creatures. They pollinate the flowers by transferring the pollen grains and provide us with sweet and healthy honey.
    Similarly, wasps are also beneficial to the ecosystem since they feed on other unwanted pests that are responsible for causing damage to crops and fields. They are a healthy alternative to pesticides. However, these pests are not at all liked buzzing in yards, homes or over the fruits. Instead of removing the greenery from your property, an effective solution is to try some humane solutions. Some strong smelling herbs and bushes can greatly assist in controlling the bees and wasp population.

    Some plants to grow in order to keep the bees and wasps away are:

    • Spearmint

      This widely available herb emits a strong fragrance that is disliked by wasps and bees. Gardeners generally grow this little plant in pots or planters due to its characteristic rhizomes that spread invasively. Though it prefers to be grown in the partial shady area, it can still flourish in sunny to a shady place.

    • Thyme

      Thyme is another plant that is believed to deter away the bees and wasps. Its preferred area of cultivation is a hot and sunny location that composes of well-drained soil. Thyme is generally planted in the month of spring and thereafter grows as a perennial herb.

    • Eucalyptus

      This popular tree is worldwide famous for its medicinal properties. There are various forms of Eucalyptus bushes available in the form of herbs or shrubs that can be ideally planted in a yard. The strong and medicinal fragrance of this plant tends to keep the bees and wasps away.

    These are some of the humane or green ways to control the pest population inside your property. Other measures include keeping the food sources covered and garbage cans sealed. If you are looking for professional pest exterminators to remove wasps and bees, feel free to contact our pest control experts at Niagara Pest Extermination.

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